Saturday, August 25, 2012


A Day of Wine Tasting @ Chateu Elan

& Outlet Shopping

Saturday September 8, 2012
10:00 am

Departs from

Buckhead Intercontinental Hotel
Atlanta Ga

Join us for a fun filled day of wine tasting at Chateu Elan! We will enjoy a tour and enjoy several flights of their finest wine! Enjoy the property filled with lovely amenities prior to our departure to the Tangier Outlets for a few hours of shopping!

 Sip mimosa's and play games on the way.  Enjoy a memorable experience the art of wine tasting & shopping with your friend or partner!

  Day includes the following:

  • Round trip Transportation to Winery and Outlets
  •  Fun Games & Raffles on the Bus
  • Mimosas & Refreshments on the Bus
  • Wine Tastings (5 Flights @ Chateu Elan)
  • Souvenier Glass
  • Shopping /Restaurant Stop at Tangier Premium Outlets

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Finding Your Purpose in 2012
Free Online Webinar

Coming Soon


In these changing times many of us are being moved to go within and think more about our purpose on the planet. Why are we here? What are our special gifts? What do we love to do? How do we align with this and incorporate it into our existing lives? How do you live a life of purpose?
If you have pondered any of these questions then join Ashia Darby and Oronde Yero for this free webinar to discuss. Its time to start living the life you deserve to live!

For more Information

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Host a Recession Proof Beauty Workshop at home in your kitchen!

I will personally come out to teach your group of 6 or more how to care for their face, body and do an at home facial with common kitchen items.
We will go through your cabinets and see what you have at home that you can be using to pamper and destress yourself and your family with. In addition to this the 2 hour workshop includes:

-Product demonstration and trial (play play and sample everything we make)
- Make and take home your own facial product
- Receive a copy of the book Recession Proof Beauty

To book your party in your area contact me at 866-529-9422 option 2 or email

After confirming your dates click the link below to pay your $50 setup fee.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Life Throws Obstacles- Learn the Power of Affirmations

Life can often throw obstacles our way that we can not control. While we may not be able to control circumstances, we can control how we respond to them. Most people respond with the "Woe is Me" Syndrome (As I affectionately call it) and began to complain and fuss and tell everyone who will listen how Effed up your life is. Well beloveds..that does a few things.
1. Thoughts are Things. What you continue to think about is what you will experience in your life.
2. You are not a victim. Everyone has a story they can complain about. It's time to learn an alternate way of dealing with the stress of life.
3. More times than not.. NO ONE CARES!  No one wants to be around a person that is constantly complaining and in a negative state of mind unless they are that way too. Then you feed off of each others negative innergy like parasites. Bouncing it back and forth.

It's time to stop this senseless behavior. While we all have a need to vent, it does us no good to constantly repeat the story of what happened to you (Which you attracted anyway even if you don't see it yet).

How do we Break this Program of Complaining for Conversation Topics?

The 1st thing you can do is to stop complaining. Instead move into a space of gratitude. Start giving thanks to the Creator for what IS GOOD IN YOUR LIFE! It can be simple things that we take for granted like breathing, love, the sun on your face, the ability to read, dance, a roof over your head, musical geniuses like Prince .. I can go on and on. We all have something to be grateful for no matter how hard it may seem to be.
This state of gratitude changes your vibration (and mood) immediately. It all starts in the mind.

Try this in the moment. 
When a thought that is not serving you positively ( ie: all senseless complaining and woe is me-izims) enters your mind, counter the thought with a positive one.

Example: Bad things always happen to me! :(
New Thought: I am right where I should be at all times and I don't attract anything that is not in alignment with my purpose on the planet. I accept what is and find the lesson in every situation.

Write out a list of Affirmations.
These are powerful reprogramming tools (like the one above) that help us change our subconscious beliefs that many of us had no control over their instillation. We've been programmed since we arrived. Starting with whatever programs our parents passed to us (which were probably passed to them),followed by social interaction, and the media. 
Affirmations can be simple and to the point. In the moment of "Woe is Me-izims" start to write out the list of things you are grateful for and turn those into affirmations. Then read them daily.

For example:I am grateful that I have a safe, warm and secure place to reside.
Affirmation: All of my living needs are always met and I sleep in a warm comfortable environment everyday. For this I give thanks.

They may be as short or as long as you like! They are yours.. and you don't have to share them unless you want to. Don't forget to read the everyday! Over time, you will begin believing these words.. and that my friends is when the magic begins and you will begin to recognize all of the abundance that is Already right here in front of us waiting for us to claim it. 
Good luck.. Peace and remember to watch your thoughts, they become your reality!