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Removing your Victim Coat
             May 2, 2012

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The Reconstruction and Transformation of Queen Kay w/ Special Guest Queen Kay
April 18, 2012

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Natural Stress Reduction Techniques
April 25, 2012

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  1. Enjoyed the call tonite. You had one guy that called in and stated that it's best to lie to women in order to get what he wants. As you stated, women are very liberated; many can take the truth and supply the request..This song is dedicated to him...TELL THEM WHAT THEY WANT TO HEAR...LOL..He stated that he was an expert with to the con-artist...

  2. The link for the game discussed on the segment is "Lets talk about Dating"...

  3. Sis I got the opportunity to listen to the show!The show was wonderful and very insightful.I will tune in for the next one. Congrats on a beautiful platform.
    Peace & Love

  4. Great show, wish to hear from more women on these topic. Maybe you can repeat this topic

  5. So true about the emotional eating.. i find myself trying to fill the void with food (the wrong type of food) I have to be conscious of that little girl nugging me on and listen to the wise woman within :) Thanks Ashia!

  6. As I listened to your show my mind caught no interest until the one caller spoke that men say what women want to hear to get with them even if it is a lie just to get with them. Just on that note I must say you should speak on this again with your listeners because I desire for the reality of what he spoke to change. Men have yes been swaying women with lies and then once they are involved with them all the words spoken in lies come out and the women are wounded spiritually and it resonates for them in their lives from then on. Men in my opinion are constantly saying a women gets what she deserves but let me pose this idea why can men not treat all women as they would aspire in their mind a women should be. I tire of the saying you cant make a hoe into a housewife I say WHAT!! No!! Treating women with love, respect and adoration can prosper her spirit and we as a society are lost if women continue to have no real value in the eyes of men. It has become a cycle the women are remember the ones to raise children and those chidren based on the mothers out look are carrying her perspective this is to a terrible end for all if we cannot change how the men like the self proclaimed ladies man caller dont change their expressed deception and manipulation of women...

  7. Ashia,

    Your show is very informative as well as enlightening. I love hearing the comments from your audience. I wish you were on more than once a week. I know where you get your skills and confidence from after hearing your parents last n...ight, I was very impressed by them. They both done an excellent job instilling good values and morals in you. I can't wait for next tuesday. Peace and love Ashia and I'm very proud of you!!!:):):)

  8. I listened to your show and wanted to talk but I guess I pushed the wrong button. Anyways your show was great!!!
    I should have pressed 1 instead of 2, but I wanted to add that men don't need to lie to get what they want from a women. The truth goes far with a woman. This is something I have had to learn myself. I have been in some relationships, but they haven't been long term. This is not a bad thing because I have decided to work on me instead and try to find happiness.
    The advice I would give women is to have better standards in men and not judge them by their pocket book, but by their character. I have more to say, but I will wait until your show next week.

  9. You have a true radio voice. Remember back in the day when the smooth late night dj's would come on.....and you would just listen to the soothing sound. Not sure which I liked more, the voice or the song

  10. Hi Ashia,

    I listened to several of your shows examining current communication patterns and what techniques may be utilized to enhance that communication in a more productive way.

    I'm a relationship troubleshooter, coach, philanthropist, mentor and author of, "The 7 Principles to Love, Sex, Dating and Their 7 Results," in essence, The Solution Man.

    Based on the pleasant aroma of your show's concentration, I will tender a valuable block of my time to come on your show as your special guest to discuss practical communication methods that will lead to the establishment of more satisfying man-woman and subsequently family relationships in the 21 Century.

    For example, successful, educated, professional Black sisters will readily agree how important communication is to all stages of a relationship; however these same sisters will loudly assert, "the man has to come to me first," and, "he who finds a wife finds a good thing," and "initiating contact with a stranger is a man's role."

    You and I know that based on all the recent studies that cite, 70 percent of Black women are single and 42 percent have never been married; therefore apply the definition of the insanity principle, Doing the same thing (not developing adequate social - not part of her degree training - skills to approach men and engage in polite conversation) and expecting different results.

    Based on the premise that we must meet and date persons that are not part of our extended families and therefore strangers, I've highlighted the primary methods of meeting that compatible stranger:

    A introduces himself to B, Man to woman;

    B introduces herself to A, Woman to man; and,

    C introduces A & B, commonly known as a referral.

    I promote that the first 5 dates should be a walk in a park and a bottle of water - such encounters allow for minimum expense toward dating strangers and maximum opportunity for communicating and sharing.

    I also *out* the major 5 superficialities that block most Black women from the very love they claim to desire, for example:

    1. Height, a man must be so tall, often an unreasonable height such as 6'5" as stated by one of the Black women on ABC Nightline;
    2. Age, he must be a certain narrow limited age below or above her age, regardless of adult insight of compatibility;
    3. Cute, today women want pretty men who look equal to or better than the women - studies have shown then men tend to be less supportive and faithful;
    4. Entitlement, many women expect men to shell out lots of cash on their first encounter;

    Too many Black women overlook the James Evans type brother, who would love them and be all they need in a mate, but non adult attitudes and lack of group analysis of those non adult attitudes allow the dysfunctional behavior to persist.


  11. I caught the show at like 4a.m. and let's just say it was much needed at the right time.....lovelee topic.....thanks for reminding us and showing us how to stay in that mind frame of knowing and feeling love for ourselves.

  12. u was hittin the nail on the head girl!

  13. Sweetie, I am so proud of U. Even Though I am yet to get on, I know what U r all about. Ur energy MOVES me. Just the thought of you, makes me want to do better. You have been inspiring me for over a decade! I am glad to know U personally and know that U r REAL & what u say is what U LIVE. LOVE U BUNCHES, U r on d CUSP OF SOMETHING UNIMAGINABLY GREAT. KEEP FOLLOWING THIS WOMAN GUYS, SHE'S THE REAL THING.

  14. Heard the show. It was really good. It reminded me of a few things I should be doing and taught me to look at a few things differently as well. Thanks for the tips.