Monday, July 11, 2011

Thoughts are Things- What are u creating?

Our planet is going through a major shift. A  physical shift is occurring as well as an internal shift of the inhabitants of this lovely place we call earth. Many people are experiencing what they may interpret as loss. Loss of jobs, homes, relationships, energy.. etc. Some people may even feel like they are losing their minds these days. All of this is attributed to the dimensional shift that is happening on our planet. For the 1st time ever.. our planet is shifting from the 3rd dimension as we know it to the 5th. Without getting to deep on you, we are shifting in consciousness. People are starting to "wake up" from the deep dream like state that we have been living in for as long as anyone alive can remember. Many people are feeling the physical effects of this shift. We are having to learn to react and operate from a space of "I and Me" to a space of community and "we". If you interpret the changes occurring in your life right now as "negative" you will only experience the negative aspects of the change. For example, you get laid off from your job. You can focus on the fact that you are out of work, don't' know how your bills will be paid, your too old to begin a new career, etc etc.  Thoughts are things and take physical form in your life. Think about the Matrix..go watch it again if its been awhile. The world that we see, is truly a reflection of our thoughts. If you see the loss of the job as the end of the world.. trust me, you will experience the end of the world. If you see the experience as an opportunity for you to finally do and live the life of your dreams and start to pursue some of the things your heart truly desires then you will experience all of the good the universe wants you to have! God, Most High, Spirit, Nature, Allah or however you choose to address the Supreme Being, is always working with us according to our thoughts and beliefs. If you believe u deserve to experience sadness- then so it is- you will experience sadness. If you believe life is a great experience and everyday is a new day to create the life you want live and do your life work- then the universe will move things around for you to have the experience you need. But it all starts with your thoughts.
If you need a little support with uncovering or discovering your life work - or your hearts desire- email me at and allow me to assist you. All the power to change your life, your reality, your world, live within you.
Peace and Love one Another.. The TIME IS NOW!!!

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