Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Answering the Phone "Peace" has nothing 2 do with consciousness!

I was inspired to write this short peace, because many people have Consciousness twisted. The word "conscious" according to is as follows:


"aware of one's own existence, sensations, thoughts, surroundings, etc."
Many have grown to believe that we have to be a part of some sort of organization, church, social group, or club in order to be considered "conscious". This is not true! Anyone can be conscious if you choose to be. You are not required to wear a head wrap, or dashiki, or sandals, or be a vegetarian or address everyone u meet as "brotha" and "sista"  or answer the phone Peace or say Ache' at the end of every prayer if you don't want to . This has nothing to do with being conscious. Consciousness is within.   I am  not discredititng any organizations code of ethics; ie: dress code, mannerism , prayers etc. I understand that these have their place as well and it meets the needs of some.  If that works for you.. than great.  I am addressing the person that feels they are not Concious if they do nto subscribe to these things, or belong to a specific church or spiritual organization.  You can have basic awareness of Right and Wrong and actually choose to apply those things, and that is a way you being Conscious. You can have awareness that a certain food or beverage is not good for you, and you can choose to eliminate it from your diet. That is being conscious.   You dont' have to throw out your make-up bag if you still feel good wearing your make-up just because your consiousness has been raised. Be who you are. Be good to others. Treat others in a humane way as u would be treated.  Educate yourself and adopt what resonates with you. Do not belittle your growth and efforts to become more consious simply because you are not wearing a kufi or a turban, or walk around with an Aunk hanging from your neck. It's not about the external image as much as it is about the internal one.  Study for yourself, and ask questions about the things that do not resonate with you.  Be gentle with yourself and your evolution.  Everything is as it should be in this moment. Get the lessons... and lets grow on with our lives.
Peace and Love one Another 


  1. I see you are doing ur work and shining ur light. Consciousness is about where you are at and r ablility to except the gift of this present moment. One Love

  2. so TRUE so TRUE folks got it so twisted thanx for this

  3. The time is now for Truth. Everyone has it lying within. Its just a matter of recognizing that it u dont have to fit into a certain box to live your truth. Thanks for reading. Peace

  4. THANK YOU this is sooo on point!