Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pay attention to the Signs Around You!

Inspiration can be found in many places. Be certain to pay attention to ALLL of the signs around you. You may have prayed about something, or may be using affirmations to change your life, then you must pay attention to all of the signs around. I just began to re-read the Celestine Prophecy for this very reason.  The 1st reminder that I needed to read it again was one of my clients came in and had it sitting inside of her purse.  2nd reminder was a friend of mine called and began speaking to me about how the Celestine Prophecy came into her life. The 3rd reminder that this book had a message for me was I was visiting at another friends home and she had the Celestine Prophecy sitting on her dresser under a stack of books. I immediately recognized the string of coincidences that had been occuring and I was CERTAIN that there is something in the book that I needed to hear NOW. I asked her if she minded me reading the book. She replied "go ahead and take it, It's your book anyway"! LOL. This was hilarious to me but further confirmation that the Universe is in direct alignment with our thoughts.  So I finally got the book back and began to read it. The 1st reminder that resonated with me was that I need to continue to always follow your 1st mind.  Your 1st mind normally never will steer you wrong. The problem is we doubt our 1st mind. Talk ourselves out of it.  Start to follow your 1st mind at all times! It takes practice, but it's worth it every time.  I recommend reading the Celestine Prophecy! It may just change your life.

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