Saturday, October 16, 2010

Releasing Fear- I'm Done

It has taken too long to write this. I have had a fear that no one wanted to hear what I had to share. But that is a lie I fed myself. There is always someone that my words may resonate with, because we are all connected and share similar experiences, fears and concerns.
Fear is something I have dealt with my entire life. As a child I recall being afraid of water. I hated going to swimming lessons and as much as I love the water (being a water sign and all) I hated going under. I somehow thought the water was going to swallow me up if I went under. This fear was never overcome until I faced the ocean one day at 24 and dove in. Trusting that I am of the water and it will not harm me if I let go and do not try to control the situation. As soon as I faced the fear and trusted that God would keep me protected in any and all circumstances, I released the fear and began to float.
I floated in the ocean for what felt like hours, enjoying the cleansing benefits of the salt water and the renewing energy from the sun.
I was fearful when I left the comfort of my job at IBM, and took a chance on starting a business. And even today, 10 years later, I have squared up toe to toe with fear again, leaving the comfort and familiarity of my business, friends and “home” and moving to another state  to pursue other dreams. All these things were risky and scary in my eyes, but they have been necessary for me to stay true to my life work. We all have something inside of us that we want to say or do.  Something keeps us from acting on it. Normally it’s fear.
I now know that fear is just a state of mind. It is not real if I do not give it life. Its human to feal fear. We live in a soceity that thrives on fear and we are saturated in its muddy trenches. But fear  is something you may choose to allow to inhibit you, and rob you of the joy of living your life to the fullest;  or you can choose to walk past it with the deuces sign in the air, and complete your task.
Everyday I wake up I create my day and I express gratitude to God for another day to experience the joy of life. I determine what I want my day to look like & what types of experiences I want to have. Its like having a magic marker and I wake up and draw my day as I see it my mind. The most complex part of the day may simply be deciding what i want to do. As long as I choose to look at the good and find the lesson in ALL situations, the obstacles that I may incur in any given situation are obsolete, because I know I only attract my highest good.  For this, I express my gratitude. Even if a situation looks crazy and I may not understand the “why” in that moment, I trust that I am in alignment with my highest good. Whatever it is I know that it is for me and something I attracted into my world.
The universe (God) is amazing and we are all connected. Our thoughts have power and take form in our lives. If our mind is full of fear and doubt, pessimism and negativity then guess what, that’s what you are going to see in your world. I choose to see the beauty in each day, and keep a positive attitude about all things. Watch your thoughts, they shape your reality.
I am here to be transparent and inspire others by being myself and sharing that experience with you.
Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more from me… here2inspire.
Today with the publishing of this blog, I release my fear of being “transparent” and I share my knowledge abundantly with gratitude. I choose to inspire by positive action today and all days and so it is…

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