Friday, November 5, 2010

Choosing to Live In Love & Not In-Fear

I decided 2 take in my weekly dose of news this morning. This is like swallowing a cup of cod liver oil, gut wrenching at times. The news is generally packed with fear raising stories and "assumptions" by the anchors about what is happening in the world today.  Don't think its by accident that 75% of the news  is negativity! This is more than keeping us "informed". This is keeping us IN-FEAR people! Keeping the average person's perception of the world rooted in negativity and hopelessness. This is a subliminal form of mind control. This is Bull-ish!
The HOT TOPIC today has been the Johannes Mehserle sentencing verdict today.  This is the officer that shot and killed young Oscar Grant and was video taped at the train station in Oakland Ca. The news is showing pics of boarded up buildings, children being released from school early and police preparations for rioting and looting.  They start showing this crap days b4 the actual verdict, planting the seed of fear in people's minds. Fear only manifest more fear. This is getting people fired up all day, and regardless of the verdict, it will cause some people to react. People are angry and frustrated with the injustice that is still occurring in 2010. But I am not here to make my opinion on Mehserle. My heart bleed for Oscar Grant and his family. I offered my prayers for his family. I also prayed for Mehserle's family. His families lives have also been changed forever as a result of something that was out of their control. The same for Oscar Grants family.  I do not condone his actions.  I do not condone useless hate either. Mehserle will live with his actions for the rest of his life. Which may be more haunting than any of us can know.

People have become zombie sponges. Believing what we are told to believe. Adopting other peoples thoughts & opinions as our own; soaking up everything we see on TV as Reality and creating more misery in our lives as a result of our perception.
 I love the quote, Change The Way u Look at Things, and the Things you Look at Change. Meaning, choose to look at your world from another perspective. If u look closely you will see just as much beauty, life, and love. I CHOOSE to see the beauty in the world and in people. This is not ignoring the reality of what is going on in the world.  It's simply recognizing the preciousness of my subconscious mind and choosing to balance it's diet with healthy doses of positivity as often as or more than I feed it garbage. Its like choosing to eat more spinach and fewer pop tarts:)
Watch your thoughts, they become your reality.  I will spend my time today meditating and praying on peace and forgiveness. I extend these prayers to the Grant and Mehserle family and anyone else upset by this tragedy. I encourage u to do the same.  Prayer and meditation in masses is powerful.

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  1. As my eye's read your words on ones perceptions and realities based on what we take in from views outside of our selves without seeking ones own truth.. I came to ponder your words in depth in relation to myself and I truly with all of my being desire to seek a balance of what you advise to see the opposition of negativity but in all honesty I have had so much devastation in my life I am truly unable to seek what you speak of in your blog therefore my life cannot seem to balance. I am not one to speak in such a manner to anyone so I suppose my inner self is screaming for the universe to have somehow have guided me to you.. You say you seek to inspire well I must say I am truly one whom is in need of inspiration. Your right on one thing for sure your thoughts do in fact become your reality. I finally collapsed in all realities sat on my couch and repeated over and over in my mind and aloud that I couldnt deal and needed to escape so I told myself to go into my mind away from any and all. Now follow with me after sitting for what was hours that turned to days to months till finally I went from a people person to I dont leave my house at all. I cannot leave my home at all!!! My life is becoming unbearable so you see I need inspiring. I am a lost being whom seeks to find a way to reconnect to the world of possitive thoughts for I know if I dont I will surely die. No over dramitization I collapsed recently in my home and was hospitilzed because the walls of my home felt as if they were closing in on me and I lost my grip my son came home found me commiting to the end of my life and he called 911. So you see I dont go out I have no friends or family to speak of and now my home is not bearable. I dont know why I am running on to you and I appologize if its a bit much but listen with your spirit and hear my plea I am going to leave this world soon if I cannot find a reason for me to stay..
    Sincerely Seeking Answers