Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What are your Feeding Your Mind?

It's been over a year since I turned off my cable. This is a scene from a horror flick for many...the thought of no CABLE TV! I'm often plagued with questions such as; "what do you do", "who keeps you company", " How can you stand the silence?", all at which I simply smile. I am so thankful to be in a space where I can appreciate silence, and mindless chatter is no longer required.
Because we are in this fabulous information age, we have managed to cram every second of our lives with just that...information. From Tv, to radio, Internet, Smart Cell Phones, Ipads, Nooks, video Games, the list goes on and on. All of this information is crowding the mind, keeping a constant flow of chatter circulating throughout the mind. So much in fact that most people believe it's normal. How often have you said or heard.."turn the tv on..it's too quiet in here!"  We will turn the radio on in the car just for back round noise. Well I'm here to tell you that silence is underated and the best thing you can do for yourself. Learning to still the mind and go within is a priceless attribute that any person from any back-round can do in anyplace.. and guess what.. it doesn't cost a thing!!'

Now that I don't have the  television to occupy my time, I spend a lot more time reading, writing and watching "healthy" informational videos that I select. TV does not give u a choice in what you watch.  It's packed with ridiculous shows, news, and movies that are designed to keep you thinking on a lower level. TV makes us zombies, as most people ignorantly believe everything they see on television.  Even when I did have it, I made sure to screen what I fed my mind with a fine tooth comb. Sticking mostly to documentaries, history channel, animal planet etc.  Things that would enrich my mind, and not brainwash me into believing that I need to live a certain way, or act a certain way or think a certain way. I can say my thoughts are not influenced by propaganda. I am a free thinking individual. I encourage you all to be more mindful of what you feed your mind.
Begin to appreciate and value the beauty of silence. If your household is not having the "no tv" bit and you have a few moments to yourself in the car, I encourage you to ride in silence and focus on your breathing.  Mentally relax your shoulders, hips, and legs. Enjoy the simple pleasure of breathing. These are the 1st steps of meditation. Through repetition you will begin to yearn for this quiet time and start to hear the quiet voice within. That voice is powerful and holds the answers to all of the questions you have been wondering. We just have to stop and be still and quiet long enough to hear and recognize the sweet whisper that is God speaking. All it takes is for you to begin.
Peace and Love 1 Another

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  1. Meditation is something I've been very impatient with in the past. But after reading this I'm willing to give it another try.Wonderful information, you are truly an inspiration.