Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Take Nothing Personal! These words are easier said than applied! We are almost programmed to take everything we experience as a personal attack on us, who we are and everything we may stand for. I'm here to remind u you that nothing is personal! Whatever another individual may do or have done to you is "there story". We are all on this spiritual journey to grow and evolve into who an d what we truly are. When someone elses actions hurt you, it is important to remember that its most likely not about you!! That individual is going through what they are going through period. It is easy to point the finger of blame at others when they do things to displease us. However it is also important to remember that we attract only a reflection of how we are feeling on a subconscious level anyway. Ie: we attract what we are. If someone does or says something that resonates painfully with you...DONT TAKE IT PERSONAL. Grab a mirror and go within. See where you may have treated another person the same way you are being treated.. and get the lesson! All life experiences come up to teach us a lesson.  The more often we fail to get the lesson, the more likely we will repeat the SAME experience at a later date. Have you ever found yourself saying "WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN TO ME?"  It's because  you havent learned the lesson. And trust me beloved  the message is not "screw he/she that hurt me". While it is ok to make the decision to no longer interact with certain individuals.. it is your personal responsibility to learn from the situation. 
We get so caught up in the "victim role" and the "drama" of a situation.. that we fail to acknowledge the most important party member.. and that is YOU! DON'T BE A VICTIM. It's time to grow!
Love self, Learn Self Grow and Evolve.. No one can do this for you but you!


  1. A great (creative) reminder... there are great lessons in the toughest of circumstances - if u survived u may be a victim during the transgression yet a victor 4 life.. Sit.. listen ... think... let go... 4give .. learn the lesson... get on with your beautiful life.. This happened... But God... Praises.

  2. Sometimes we need to be reminded that we do have a choice in the role we choose to play. Thanks for the reminder.