Monday, July 18, 2011

What is Recession Proof Beauty

I recently completed and published my new book entitled Recession Proof Beauty- A Natural Recipie Book. The purpose of me writing the book was to remind us all that everything we need is already right here. The planet produces and provides all we will ever need to manage our stress levels, through proper nurturing and self care. Self care is an imperative part of stress reduction. When you "feel" good, you make others "feel good". When you feel good in your skin, you are more confident in the world and all that you do. Most of what we need to create this reality for ourselves can be found in our kitchen.
Recession Proof Beauty is a self care guide that not only shows you how to do this, but why it is important to do it. Packed with simple recipes that anyone can try at home in the kitchen with common ingredients like honey, yogurt, olive oil and much more.
A healthy world starts with a healthy you. No one can force you to start taking better care of you. Recession Proof Beauty eliminates the myth that it has to cost an arm and your 1st born child to make this happen.

Order your copy today and start changing your world by adding a little relaxation to it.

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